Uplift and Shine

I offer readings, channelled paintings or both combined to create a visual affirmation designed for you


Unlock the magic inside you from the blueprint of your soul. Manifest your best self. Tap into your God given talents and celebrate who you are. You are not a mistake, you are here for a reason. Here we look at your birth chart positively and find out your purpose and path to enlightenment. Are you ready to SHINE even BRIGHTER?!

Energy Art

Here I bring the MAGIC of the COSMOS to the CANVAS. I paint various forms of energy including – a portrait of your higher self, your ruling planet, chakras, elemental re balancing, visual affirmations, a mood painting for any room. The list is endless! My Paintings can also be used to uplift and inspire you on your soul growth journey. All of your needs are discussed in a free consultation.

Art + Astrology = Positive Manifestation (Magic)

When we combine Astrology and Art we create magic! By creating a visual display of the interpretation of the energy we want to focus upon we are visually appreciating. When we appreciate we can bring things into being. An energy painting can inspire us to strive for our goals. I believe the abstract nature and intuitive method can create an ease and create a vibration without pushing to hard (which can create resistance).

Keep your focus on how you want to feel and let the universe fill in the details.

Abraham Hicks

Some examples of combining Astrology and Art include:

  • your ascendant (rising sign)
  • elemental rebalancing
  • gifts and talents

Again the possibilities are endless. We can explore any part of your chart that you would like.