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Are you curious about the blueprint to your soul, why you came here in this life time? Our birth charts can shine a light onto what we came here to learn, our path to enlightenment and our gifts, talents and challenges. My job as an Esoteric Astrologer is to assist you in understanding the energy you came into this life with, why you came here and to help you understand yourself more. Together we can translate the energy from your chart and see how it shows up for you. Knowing your birth chart energy can be the key you have been searching for. When we understand our soul’s blueprint we can become the compassionate observer of our behaviour, impulses, challenges, thoughts and feelings. We are all gifted and have come here for a reason. We are beautifully unique. There is no one like you.

“Be yourself, everyone is already taken”

Oscar Wilde

My Astrology Services

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A 20 minute session covering the big 3 your  Sun, Moon and rising signs. knowing your sun moon and rising can give you a better indication of who you are.  We can find compassion for ourselves and others when we understand the moon sign for example.  How we deal with our emotions, what makes us happy, what our needs are.
A reading of your energy for the next 12 months in your life.  Here we look at the flavour of the energy from the day of your birthday to the next birthday that  you will be working with through out the year.  knowing this can help you to navigate the next 12 months and to understand the planetary  influences and  areas of your life you maybe working with.
In this reading you we will look at the position of the plants when you were born.  This is the energy that you are made of.  You are not just your star sign!  You are made up of a complex system of energies from birth.  We will be look at how the different placement of planets influence your beautiful unique self.  You are here for a reason, we can explore your life lesson, short cut to enlightenment, your gifts, talents and challenges and your elemental make up and practical steps to create and maintain balance.