Astrology and Art

For this I study your birth chart and paint the essence of the whole chart or you can choose from various aspects.

Our birth charts show us our soul’s blueprint – the strengths, gifts and challenges we were born with. And these paintings can build upon that blueprint in the way you want. 

All of these paintings are demonstrations of the free will within us and encourage our inner ‘witness’. The paintings are a series of positive affirmations designed to inspire, uplift and empower us to observe ourselves and take charge of the choices we make, whilst inviting good energy by the law of attraction through our focus and feeling.  You activate your desired energy and healing intent just by their existence and every time you appreciate them. 

Astrological Painting Suggestions

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Here I paint your missing element for example your FIRE energy based upon your unique elemental blueprint from your birth chart. Includes a free consultation and survey about how your elements show up for you at this present time.  
This is a painting to honour your Ruling planet and its influences upon you.  This is a personalised painting of your star signs ruling planet. This planet is highly influential in our soul’s blue print. It influences how we view the world, our behaviour, personality, strengths and weaknesses and our gifts.