My work is inspired by emotions and the journey of the soul.  I describe the various forms of energy through colour, both intuitively and through research I do into ancient philosophies within a spiritual cosmic context.  Self-transformation drives my work together with the mystical and magic of the seen and unseen.

I use Acrylic, glitter and gold leaf. 

See my gallery page to view all my works.

Every brush stroke, the structures, textures and shapes describe energy.  Each painting is an expression of both the macro and micro energies within an overall energy theme such as the energy of the planets or chakras.  Each painting has its own inner energy journey; a journey within an experience and a reflection. Every inch of the canvas represents a feeling, emotion, mood, response, desire, passion and vision.

I paint personalised energy paintings from intuition and from a person’s horoscope.  Healing colours can be incorporated into any personal painting to manifest a healing intent.  I am also happy to work with chosen colours and work within agreed parameters.

Painting is my joy, my peace, my freedom, my calm.  I love to paint.

Art Services

Included in these prices is as many consultations as are needed to create your personalised artwork. We can meet in person or via video call.

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Based on mostly the colours of the Chakra system and various other colour healing theories; we can do this 3 ways:
  1. You choose colours, you would like me to use from your own study/experience/intentions
  2. I choose the colours based on our consultation and we see what comes up
  3. We let the colour oracle cards decide- I usually draw no more than 4 cards
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A purely intuitive painting of your energy in its highest expression: the higher self.