Diary of the cosmic Canvas by Jennifer Ladd : Entry 1 in Scorpio Season ’22

Hi I am Jennifer Ladd – Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon, Leo Rising

My name is Jennifer and I am a highly sensitive and a Creative Empath, God that feels good to say! And feels like a coming out!   

As a child being so imaginative and sensitive and an idealist to boot had its ups and downs and took me on a journey of both wonder and overwhelm which often led to discontent.  I craved an outlet for my emotions and to be truly seen and heard. I felt many people around me didn’t speak the same language or appreciate the value in being a highly sensitive creative empath. I have found acceptance with this and despite these feelings I now realise love was shown and received in the only way we all knew how. I found journaling at a young age (although I didn’t call it that). Expressive arts fed my soul and healed my heart.  I have always loved to paint. 

I started painting in this way when I finally found a transformational therapist.  Someone whom I felt I could work with who seemed to hold the cosmos in her eyes.  As I looked deeply into her eyes and heard her soothing words that seemed to be coming directly from the universe. I felt a language that finally felt I can understand as a language that made sense to me.  It was the language of Love. 

I got Reiki 1 attunement and  from there I started painting my Chakras, the planets and the elements.  I told my story whilst holding healing intentions. I then visualised a healed future and brought all of it together in the layering process, with a timeless intent.  I truly believe this was a mediumship or psychic messages from the universe through my art to bring in new hope and compassion.  I found myself putting myself in a mindset of energetically asking the universe for colours for both myself and the rest of the collective. Music is my vehicle to the mindset or meditative state described. I guess looking back it was like doing a meta meditation through painting.  During this time I was also looking into various forms of spiritual healing practices to raise my frequency.  I explored Buddhism first back when mindfulness was not a buzz word and found some peace through these practices. I enjoy using my explorations of various philosophies and phenomena to further inform my process.

 Through my work I share with you a transformational process.  The process has various stages and layers to it that are influenced and often timed to astrological transits/events.  I love to paint eclipse energy, new moons, full moons, and the portals in-between.   I am an Astrology graduate, Sociology Graduate and self taught Artist.  Since studying Astrology I have become aware that I am highly sensitive to the planetary transits.   I use my feelings that I experience as a tool to express the energies that are happening in the cosmos and put them on the canvas.  I use the canvas as a positive affirmation for my thoughts and feelings.   I then create layers of transformation and visual affirmation of healing intentions both for myself and the collective.

I wholeheartedly believe the answer to the worlds pain is love and compassion. I belief my mission here is to shine a light on this through my self expression using all the big three in my chart. Pisces Sun, Gemini moon and Leo rising . Others factors point to this in my birth chart. we all have a unique mission to raise up the vibrations. what form does yours come in? Check out my next blog and upcoming podcasts on here and other social media to learn more.

I hope that gives you an idea of how my work came about and what Ive been upto. Thanks for reading! until next time…..

Love Jennifer xxxx



I am passionate about colour and describing energy. I paint personalised energy paintings of the higher self and other energy themes as the journey of the soul unfolds. I am driven by the magic of the Cosmos and emotional response, especially in the context of personal healing.